1. Lelandridesrotax587

    Can I mix different oil brands?

    So recently I got a free 1991 seedoo sp. I’ve been doing a lot of work and stuff, but today I added almost a gallon of tundra snowmobile oil to the resivour. I have no idea what was in it before, but it was less then an 8th of a tank. I’m I little worried I messed something up. I could drain the...
  2. J

    GTI-LE hesitation at WOT

    Hello! I'm working on a seadoo GTI LE around ~2000 from memory. Don't know a lot about it's history other than that it's just come back from a shoddy mechanic for a jet unit replacement. When the inlaws started it they found water lines in the hull were disconnected etc... Has never run right...
  3. A

    fuel pouring out jet when startup

    help me fellas. my 89sx hasnt been run since last summer. when i start it in the driveway it starts without choke really easily then fuel mixture blows out the back. sticky choke?