merc 240

  1. Eliasm327

    2001 seadoo challenger bogging

    Hi I recently purchased a 2001 seadoo challenger that the previous owner didn’t know the solution of the problem he told me he bought it bogging and he couldn’t fix the problem he rebuilt the carbs, new plugs, and new wiring for accessories he said there’s good compression in all cylinders what...
  2. RepNJ

    Newbie needing advice on 02 Islandia purchase

    Hello! I’ve been stalking the threads for a few hours now because I’m interested in buying a 2002 Islandia - Mercury Powerhead 240 HP two stroke. $4500 The catch is, the ad states “NEEDS NEW MOTOR/ powerhead needs replaced” and that’s honestly the extent of the information. I grew up driving...
  3. Z

    Brand New Mercury Optimax 200

    Hello all, hoping I may get some feed back here. I am wondering if anyone has installed a new 2016-2019 Mercury Optimax 200 into any older Mercury M2 installed Sea Doo boats. I cant get a straight answer from Mercury or BPR and dealers are less than helpful. Any feed back is apreciated
  4. B

    Yo all thanks for the info my boat is back to being bad assed

    I had cavitation when I bought the boat and knew my jet ski buddies had a little bit when we ran their skis. So, I thought it was normal. Well, I found out later what I should have been looking for was the intake and impeller, not just the cool paint and top end. After a while, the cavitaion...
  5. B

    2002 X-20 Challenger w/ 240 Merc

    Ok I've had the boat a couple years and the cavitaion just gets worse. So, after much research I found that I will need the Prop reconditioned, wear ring bored and lined w/ SS and have the stayer fins recondioned. Any Tips on how to get all that stuff off with minimal hassel. I understand...
  6. D

    2003 Utopia 205 - Merc 240 Won't Start

    Hi All, I've got a 2003 Sea-Doo Utopia 205 with the Mercury 240 EFI. I've had this boat for 7 years and it has run well up to this point... Took it out this past weekend and was about 100 yards out and running at no wake speed when the engine died. Engine would crank but would not fire up...
  7. T

    No fuel to cylinders Mercury 240 EFI

    I have a "new to me" Merc 240 EFI in a 2001 Seadoo Challenger 2000. My second Seadoo with this engine (first was a 2001 Speedster). I was running it in open water for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it died in middle of bay. It had been running fine for an hour or so but just died...