1. W

    4-tech exhaust manifold, water passages blocked

    Good morning experts. I have a 2003 GTX 4-tech with supercharger. The ski has been stood ten years. I am trying to get it back to the water but it seams the open loop cooling loop is blocked. I removed the hose from the front of the manifold and cab blow back down to the intake. Likewise I...
  2. Brad Ramirez

    Will This Sea Doo Manifold fit my XP?

    Hey Guys, I have a 94 XP 657x SeaDoo that needs a new exhaust manifold. The manifold I took out has Part #979141. Im on my 3rd Ebay purchase of the damn thing and I keep getting screwed. I ordered the 979141 manifold and just received a manifold that has # 697834. It looks slightly...
  3. D

    2001 GTS Exhaust Manifold

    We just bought our 2001 GTS 720, ran it for about 30 minutes when my overheat alarm came on. Pulled in to find a stripped bolt in my exhaust manifold. The question. Are the white manifolds (part#290979141) and the silver manifolds (part#290979142) interchangeable on the 718 engines? This...
  4. D

    95 XP Exhaust Manifold Bolts

    Has anyone else experienced the bolts coming loose on the manifold? We've just had the jet ski serviced and it goes like a boeing but after about 15 minutes of use the bolts holding the exhuast to the manifold come loose. We've taken it back to the service centre who have used loctite on the...