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    Basic questions 2000 GTX

    I have a 2000 SeaDoo GTX Millennum and I have the following questions: 1. Does this jet ski have a bilge pump? If yes, how does it turn on? 2. When I get a flashing maintenance light how do I know what the maintenance problem is? How do I get to the codes and figure out what the code...
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    Maintenance warning yet GTX runs fine

    I'm suspecting that the maintenance warning on my 97 GTX is based on the hour meter which just turned 125 hours. There are no signs of issues and the ski runs great. I stopped in the dealer and a "tune up" was $283 and in the process they would turn off the maintenance alert. Anyway to do this...
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    New Seadoo, having problems, any help?

    Just bought a new 2010 Seadoo RXT 215 about a month ago. Today was the first day I was able to put it on the water. I decided to take it out on the Myrtle Beach intercoastal waterway. Noticed a few things and need some opinions. First, the maintenance required wrench light was on. The ski was...