1. G

    Looking to rent/borrow tool

    I'm replacing the engine in my 'Doo, and can't seem to get the mag flywheel off using my universal puller. The factory tool P/N 295 000 106 looks like a very sturdy unit that will pull it off in seconds, but I don't want to wait several days for delivery. (Update: Tools have arrived.)
  2. F

    Is the charging system working?

    I have a 2004 GTX with 4-TEC engine, 155 hp. After about 2-1/2 hours on the water the red (!) light starts to flash. The P-code is P0562 - low voltage. I have had the battery (four months old) checked at two locations and it checks out o.k. under load. All fuses are good when I check them with...
  3. G

    96 GTX Disintegrating Mag

    I've owned a 96 GTX for a year and a half and while running ok at the beginning, it has become downright frustrating as of late. Actually it's become dead in the water. The problem is that it's blowing 15 amp fuses, which seems to be fairly common. To solve the problem of blown fuses (both the...
  4. cuenta

    help flywheel get overheat

    I was wondering if anyone on the forum knows if the is normal that the flywheel cover get hot The ski runs great and the engine feels cold to the touch but the flywheel cover or magneto cover is hot Thanks for your help
  5. cuenta

    sea doo flywheel get hot

    hello friends I have a rookie question I have a 1997 gti and the flywheel cover them extremely hot engine block is cold exhaust pipe too is this normal or have any problem thanks for your help
  6. S

    1996 GTI Ignition Coil Shot, Where to go from Here?

    Hi there, I've been lurking these forums for a while now and you guys are great at troubleshooting these things, so I thought I'd give this a go. I have a 1996 Seadoo GTI with the 717 engine, and I took off my old flywheel since the teeth were so worn out it was damaging the starter (Pics here...
  7. E

    Oil in Magneto Housing - '94 SPX

    I just bought a '94 SPX last week, and discovered that the charging system is not working. I checked the resistance of the charge coil and it is open. I pulled the cover off of the Magneto housing, and to my suprise got a bunch of oil coming out of the magneto housing. I'm assuming this is...
  8. G

    2001 Seadoo GS, No response from Starter Button.

    I am having issue getting this Ski to start. Right now, I get acknowledgement of the key in, but no response from the start button. The input side of the Rear Electrical Box has the 12V from the Battery. When I jump the input side to output side manually, I hear the Starter freespinning, almost...
  9. J

    99 Sporster 1800 Magneto Diag?

    First timer, I have searched high and low and found several threads with similiar issues, but nothing that matched my exact issue. The Problem: Port Engine started running very rough and finally quit running. Cranks fine but could not restart. While trying to bring the boat back to dock on...
  10. A

    2001 GSX Starts once, runs, won't start again

    I just bought a 2001 GSX with 75 hours on it. The machine is mint. I charged the CT moto-master battery and took it to the lake. Started first try, took it for a 10 minute cruise. Then came back to dock to pick up a buddy and it wouldn't restart. Trailered it home and it started in my...
  11. S

    Magneto Ohms Readings???

    does anybody know what the correct ohms reading should be for the 96 spx i have the whole mag unit off and did some testing there are four wires 1 black, 1 black w/red, 1 yellow and 1 yellow w/black. the black one is ground the black w/ red is for the charger coil? the two ohm out to 60 which i...