1. BTR

    RXT Steering: How do I lube the steering cable?

    2005 RXT 215HP. The steering has become extremely hard to turn. I need to lube the steering cable (specifically, the end that services the jet pump outlet). What's the procedure? Which grease should I use? Please advise. Thanks.
  2. Erik of Montreal

    Spraying Bombardier Lube in Air Intake Silencer?

    Hey guys, I was just skimming my 2002 GTX DI manual as I do at the beginning of every year and noticed that Bombardier recommends adding their spray lubricant in the Air Intake Silencer. Ahhh, I've never, ever, done this. Do you guys? If so, whoops. How often I am supposed to be doing...
  3. Brad Ramirez

    Good Spay For Air Intake ??

    Hey Guys, What is a good spray to use in the air intake, other than Bombardier Lube? Ive seen so many people talking about what to spray on the engine but not much about what should go in it. Ive also seen people say yes and no to WD40. I'm thinking SeaFoam would be good....???
  4. R

    2003 GTI LE RFI PTO Flywheel Lube--Can't fit grease gun tip on

    Hi, I am trying to lube the PTO Flywheel but my grease gun tip is too fat to fit into the small space between the zerk fitting and the side of the flywheel. The auto parts store did not have any grease guns or fittings with smaller profiles. Is there a special fitting required for this...