1. Orbitalatx

    Low compression pto 96 GTX

    Ski was hard starting in the water pulled it out and starts good on trailer for two seconds. Went back home tested compression and got mag side 150 and pto 125. Pulled engine and found some scoring on these. The gaskets seems flat and old. Are they shot? Should I go ahead and rebuild the lower...
  2. Cheflen

    Best injection oil

    So I don't live near anywhere that sells seadoo injection oil, and I can't seem to find any API tc low ash oil on any stores websites near me. Is there any brand oil that you guys use that isn't seadoo?
  3. Rsteil

    2012 seadoo challenger 210 single engine won't Rev, rpm won't max

    Hey guys, new to the forum but I've been looking through and trying to see if anyone has ran into this... Problem is kindof messing up the family vacation! Boat will launch after initial start and Rev right up to 7800-8000rpm... Then if I run flat at about 30 seconds it backs off and won't...
  4. G

    1996 seadoo gts not running at high rpm

    i have a 1996 seadoo gts we took it out to the lake and then after about the first 10 min of running it at top speed the rpms started to drop to only mid speed we slowly went back to the dock at mid speed because that's all it would go when i gave it more throttle it would sound like it tried to...