low power

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    Breaking in an SBT 657 in a 94 SPX - Sluggish?

    Hey everyone: I'm doing breakin on my old beater. Starts very nicely, but it seems like it's really sluggish. I elected NOT to use block-off plates so I'm running break-in oil at 50:1 plus the injection pump. With that much oil, will the engine run "normally" or will there be a noticeable...
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    95 SPX bogging down, then not starting at all! HELP!

    OK, came across a wierd problem on my 1995 SPX, It started just fine, then when I tried to open it up it just didn't have any power, just bogged at a low speed. I changed the spark plugs and it ran great for about 10 mins, then started to lose power again. I stopped it, then waited for a...
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    2004 SeaDoo XP DI - Maintenance light - low power

    Hey everybody, i'm a new proud owner of a used seadoo xp di 2004. I went out for the first ride, but after about 1 minute, the maintenance light will come up and the power will be reduced to a very low rpm. :( The next day I had the same problem. I have absolutely no idea what to...
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    98 GTX RFI losing running on one cylinder

    Hi Everyone, I took my 98 GTX RFI out today and it was running great for about an hour and a half. At this point I lost the rear cylinder. I checked the plug and it was damp with oil but i couldn't tell if there was fuel. I checked for spark and that was good, I even changed the plug but...