loss of power

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    Spark 3up no power

    My spark doesn’t have power even after wear ring replacement (which was beat up). Won’t go above 5500 rpm. Prior to wear ring replacement: Was going full speed, started bogging. Got progressively worse to the point it wouldn’t even get out of the water. Eventually lead to rattly/grindy noise...
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    1993 GTX Cavitation, loss of propulsion, but good engine power

    I have a 93 GTX. I'm new to jetski mechanics, but am very familiar with mechanics and motorcycles. I just bought this ride and got it running. Compression is 125-126 both cylinders. no oil leaks, fresh gas. Motor runs/idles great. Throttles up great (don't have tach so no RPM reading). Test...
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    96 speedster sucks up weeds, now no power on take-off?

    New to forum and glad to be a part!! Hope someone can give me some advice on this one...took the 1996 speedster out for the first time last weekend to the lake and it idled out fine. Gave it some gas and we took off great running it wide open across the lake, so far so good. I then got into...