1. huttcraft

    2005 Sportster SCIC nav light bulbs

    I’m posting after much searching. I hope the brain-trust here can help. I have a 2005 Sportster SCIC and one of the two bow nav lights is burned out. The boat is at the cottage and I’m now home so I can’t check the bulb itself, but I’m wondering if anyone can identify the spec replacement bulb...
  2. D

    97 Sportster Electrical switches replacement

    Hello everyone, first off, thanks for all the wealth of information that you have all complied on this site. It has helped me tremendously to familiarize myself with my first boat. I am looking to replace the switch for the lights and the switch for the bilge pump. The light switch only goes...
  3. xintersecty

    Underwater lights

    Has anybody installed any? I am looking at these: I can find them on ebay for about 25 each and I am thinking four on the stern.
  4. rksnow1

    lights on PWC

    Hi, I saw alot of posts for people adding LEDs to their jet boats. Anyone ever done this to a PWC? Or know if the battery will handle the drain or what would have to be done. Im not looking for show, but utility really. Just wanted to know if its possible or cost effective. I have an old...