lcd guage

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    Repair Dim Sea-Doo 2007 GTI 130 Speedometer Gauge 278002273

    Has anyone repaired their 2007 GTI 130's dim LCD instrument cluster by cutting it open and replacing the polarizing film? My cluster is the one with two LCD one on both right and left sides, I have seen plenty of videos showing the cluster with the single center LCD but none for my cluster (part...
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    Can´t change modes in LCD cluster

    Hello, So I just bough a Seadoo GTX 2004 155 PWC with some drive shaft issues. I have not had it on water, but wanted to scroll through the different info in the display. Like the runtime etc.. When I click the mode button nothing happens. The MAINT light comes up at start and the scooter...
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    2000 gtx no rpm on the lcd

    Hi guys. Just put in a new lcd to my 2000 gtx and had it running on the water for the first time. Was great to have it all up and going again but have a few questions. Since the lcd has been replaced i have noticed that the rpm on the guage does not work. I replaced the gauage with the same...