kill switch

  1. youssef

    Controlling your boat using remote control

    I have a challenger 2000 and since I leave it in the water most of the year, I used the battery master disconnect switch almost 4 times each day. After a while the master kill switch was broken and I looked around for a new one and it was about (35-65 US$). This got me thinking instead of paying...
  2. M

    Kill switch not working

    Hello. I just recently purchased a 2007 Sea Doo GTI SE 155. I read a lot of great reviews and ran across one at what I thought was a pretty good price. When I looked at it at their house, everything looked great. I turned it on, it started right up, not a hickup at all. However, I got it home...
  3. L

    2000 Sea Doo XP - idle increases when out of water

    Just cleaned Rave valves and the XP runs great with no bogging. Got it home to flush it out after on the water. Started it up and the idle took off on its own. RPM's were over 6000. Pulled the kill switch and it didn't shut off. Had to pull the choke to stall it out. Tried it again and the idle...
  4. R

    kill switch and choke cable relocating

    so i bought my '97 xp this past summer and i got a rebuilt engine in it. still needs a bit of tuning there. but my question is that the guy who owned it earlier cut out the plastic where the kill switch and choke cables are. how can i melt or glue or attach that together in a good way. not zip...
  5. B

    96 spx 717 starts but dies after a few seconds. restarts but same happens

    Couple of questions for the more experienced mechanics . 1- what are the signs of the mpem going bad? 2- sounds like a fuel issue to me , just had carbs rebuilt ....possible fuel lines? they are the old grey ones. 3- whats the symptoms of a kill switch malfunctioning? and is this circuit...
  6. R

    Kill Switch

    I have a 2003 Sea Doo GTI and kill switch has fallen inside the steering column. I haven't yet rolled up my sleeves to investigate but any advise on what may have broken and how to fix it? Thanks!
  7. B

    Kill Switch 1996 Seadoo

    I need to find a kill switch for a 1996 Seadoo make zzn, anyone help?