1. J

    Seadoo X20: Lowrance Hook4/Transducer Install using a Split Thru Hull Cable Fitting

    Hello, I've posted a few projects on this forum under another post but figured this one deserved its own thread. As a new owner of an X20 I've been going through and dialing it in for the summer season that seems it will never come. Today it is snowing in Minnesota after 70 deg weather earlier...
  2. S

    2001 challenger 1800 sat for 10 years

    Hi, I have 4 questions I hope you guys can answer. 1)I have a 2001 challenger 1800 240 EFI that sat for 10 years. Just put in a new battery and when I turn on the key a relay (lookin at the motor from the drivers seat - right side) just keeps clicking and the starter spins but does not...
  3. rksnow1

    WTB or trade for seadoo boat.. Questions and things to look for?

    Hey Seadoo Pro's. Ive had a few PWC over the last few years and now thinking I want to upgrade (or rather my wife does)to a small Seadoo or Seadoo Style jet boat, sugar sand, yamaha etc .My wife had a bad experience on our skis and only wants a boat now. So now my search and questions start...
  4. O

    2009 180 Challenger SE

    I recently bought a brand new 2009 180 challenger SE supercharged with 215hp. There were zero hours on the boat. I took it out for the first time at a lake in south carolina and noticed that the RPMs were running pretty high compared to the speed at which I was at. At 30mph the RPMs were around...
  5. S

    2006 Seadoo Sportster 215hp for Sale in South Carolina

    Much of this will be already familiar to forum users, but wanted to include as much detail as possible for those not familiar with this model. Go to for photos. Contact Christopher at for details. Sea-Doo's reknowned 15'...
  6. S

    2000 Seadoo Challenger twin 85hp

    Does anyone know what this boat's top speed is. I just bought one and haven't taken it on the water yet. Just wondering what they are capable of. Also just wondering if i got a good deal. I paid 4,000 and test drove it and it felt like it ran good. Any comments?