jet pump rebuilt

  1. retrooper

    Impeller Shaft Seal application change

  2. DEEz

    1998 SeaDoo GS, Reinstalling Pump - (Driveshaft to impeller procedure)?

    Original owner 1998 SeaDoo GS, Reinstalling Pump - (Driveshaft to impeller procedure) Ive just replaced the pump bearings & impeller shaft & its about ready for reinstalling. I haven't physically looked at it yet but should I question the condition of the Hull Thru Fitting, I left the...
  3. F

    2000 Challenger 2000 M2 jet pump failure

    Hello all, new here. Just bought a 2000 Challenger 2000 with what was supposed to be a 240 EFI but turns out it’s been replaced with a V200. That’s besides the point though. Finally got itvrunning today and the jet pump has the sound of a rod broken. Looking for advice on what to check or what...
  4. rcookr1

    Jet Pump Assembly (2011 seadoo challenger) PN 267000417

    Mine was destroyed by my local seadoo dealer they tried to separate it with screw drivers long story. I'm trying to decide on either buying a used assembly or buying a aftermarket new one. Has anyone had any luck with WSM or SBT new pumps looks like a can spend right around 400 to just drop in...
  5. B

    Jet pump pinion gear shimming

    Hi all I am in the process of rebuilding my jet pump as fitted to a Mercury 240efi. I am now stuck as I do not have the Pinion Gear Location Tool 91-831897. My pump housing has been powder coated (big mistake!) and I have fitted new bearings. Now I presume that the shimming process for the...
  6. J

    98 gsx limited impeller condition

    I'm about to rebuild the jet pump on my 98 gsx limited and put in a new wear ring. My question is if I need to get my impeller repaired before I put in the new wear ring. You can see the damage in the pictures and its not too bad but I didn't know if it would be out of balance and just shave...
  7. D

    Bearing and Seal removal ??

    Hey - have a 1995 SP which I need to change the bearings and seal on the jet pump. I have purchased the kit from SBT but am stumped about how to get the bearings and seal out w/out damaging the pump housing. Do I need a special tool? HELP please