1. 94samson

    Info Center gauge

    Pulled the info gauge out of my 1996 GSX to try to get it to work after repairing the VTS system so I can tell the position. The picture below is what I discovered. When I bought the ski the gauge and VTS did not work. I purchased a repair kit but don't think that it is going to help my GSX...
  2. H

    96 GSX info center

    I need the info center for a 96 GSX Seadoo. I was replacing the LCD screen and when taking apart it was full of water! Totally rusted up. Will other years work? As long as it has the 787 engine...? I'm also new to this forum.
  3. H

    info gauge not working

    Hi I have a 1999 gtx rfi. The info gauge is not working. If I swap the hole computer from my other one everything works. My question is what controls the info gauge? The silver computer (fuel injection computer?) in the black box, or the black box's cover where all the wires plug in? Is the MPEM...
  4. brandon32689

    how do you remove the info and speedo gauges???

    i am taking my hood off of my 98 seadoo gsx to get painted i got it all off except for the info and the speedo guage how do you get them off i dont see no screws or anything does anyone know thanks
  5. J

    Speedster 150

    I am considering buying A speedster 150 can anyone tell me the positives and negatives of the 3hp choices 155,215,255 Thanks