impeller shaft

  1. retrooper

    Impeller Shaft Seal application change

  2. bernaro1

    How to remove sleeve from impeller shaft 271000291

    I have purchased an impeller shaft Seadoo part number 271000291. The shaft appears to have a 190mm long sleeve or bushing on the end of it, before the threads start, that needs to be removed in order to reduce the shaft diameter for the impeller to be installed over the shaft and onto the...
  3. K

    Ski Rope sucked into Water inlet & around Impeller Shaft-Help!

    I got a Ski Rope sucked into the Water Intake and it wrapped around the BLUE Impeller shaft cover damaging (cracking) the cover and about 2 inches of the BLUE shaft cover is gone. There is still about 6 inches of the cover left but the impeller shaft is partially exposed. I assume the shaft...