ignition coil

  1. D

    How to Test Ignition COIL?

    My 1997 GTX want to run the spark looks Weak so we are thinking its the ignition coil. How do I test the coil with meter? Thanks Cut Spark Plug wires back and new plugs.
  2. P

    What all does the Ignition Coil do (278000586)

    I've been having some issues with my Strbd engine on my 1996 Sea Doo Speedster. I've had the issue for years, but only recently has it become a big enough issue to need to diagnose and fix. This boat is old enough now, the dealers won't work on it, and the marinas are generally much more...
  3. D

    2008 Seadoo speedster 150 supercharged Ignition Coil Code

    Took my speedster out and after 20 mins received a Code P0352 which is ignition coil #2.. changed the spark plugs and took it back out. worked for about 5 mins perfectly then code came back.. I then switch ignition coil #2 and #3 to see if i would get the code for Ignition coil #3(p0353) and it...
  4. G

    1996 GTX No Spark (787)

    My son was riding the Seadoo and when giving it throttle it died & would not start afterwards. Engine turns over fine with no weird noises but no spark after charging/testing the battery (>10.5V when turning over). All fuses were good. Took apart the rear electrical box & found a little...
  5. B

    2006 180 Challenger won't start

    I have fuel on the spark plugs and engine is turning over great (new battery). Some background: We started having issues approx. 18 months ago – engine would run very rough at high RPM but fine at near idle speeds. I thought there was a water issue in the tank from old fuel, so dumped water...
  6. S

    1996 GTI Ignition Coil Shot, Where to go from Here?

    Hi there, I've been lurking these forums for a while now and you guys are great at troubleshooting these things, so I thought I'd give this a go. I have a 1996 Seadoo GTI with the 717 engine, and I took off my old flywheel since the teeth were so worn out it was damaging the starter (Pics here...
  7. L

    $100.00 for a rubber boot for Ignition Coil?

    2002 GTX 4-tec. The rubber "boot" at the top of the ignition coil that fits inside the spark plug tube is torn with small pieces missing. If I could find this rubber boot for sale, it is probably worth $2.00, but would be priced at $25.00 because it's SeaDoo. I could not find a boot so I bit...
  8. KyleB

    1996 xp weak spark

    Ok guys I have a problem. I searched the forum for weak spark but really didn't much info. I see where many have mentioned they have no spark but a weak spark is what I have. The 96 xp ran great for the day but as my son was starting to load it on the trailer it quit and would not start again...
  9. S

    major spark plug problem

    so i deciced to do a tune up on my 2006 gtx ltd including plugs and an oil change but the spark plug caps got stuck in ignition coil and stripped the threads and there is really no way to get the cap out it seems to be stuck in there this happened on all 3 plungs not sure what i should do buy...