hydro turf

  1. R9621

    Seadoo Sportster resto)))

    Hi guys. I got a Sportster 96 with a new 4-stroke 1.8 Yamaha engine, which was installed 2 years ago in the official Yamaha service. I plan to repaint the body. Refresh stickers. Renew seats. I also want to order a hydro terf. (by the way, tell me who knows which one is suitable, maybe link or...
  2. B

    Hydro Turf color help please.

    Hey folks I have a 2001 Challenger (14.5) with the medium green color controls tower, seats and bumper trim. I would like to get some Hydro turf to compliment the boat. What colors do you think would go with the old green that is on it now? Any pictures would be great. I can't really...
  3. benstoker

    94 GTX Traction Mats

    Has anyone put traction mats on a 1994 GTX or a seadoo with the painted gritty footwell? Mine has that sandpaper-esque grit painted on the footwell and id like to strip it out and put in hydro turf if its possible. Suggestions? Thanks!
  4. K

    New Hydro Turf Mats Installed - Awesome Mats

    Just wanted to share my new installation. I just got done installing Hydro Turf Mats on my 04 Islandia and I have to say it was a purchase that was well worth it. Here is a before and after picture of the mats.
  5. N

    Hydro turf purple match seadoo gsx stock mats?

    does anyone know if the purple mats available for the 1997 seadoo gsx match with the stock colour purple mats? i live in canada, and cant get samples shipped to match. pics would be much appriciated
  6. T

    Hydro Turf set for Sea-Doo Speedster (96) Sportster (96-99)

    SOLD... Please Remove