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  1. matteomoss

    seadoo 787 Pump Spacer Extender parts

    Hi, I just need a little bit more info for my project. I recently bought a pump spacer off Ebay for my 97 seadoo SPX 787. I also have purchased a steering cable which is longer than my stock cable and I believe its the correct one. Also I have rigged the VTS rod to accomodate the added length...
  2. Arkbillsfan

    98 challenger 1800 hard start....HELPq

    Hey guys, this is my first post. We have a 98 challenger 1800 dual 787 and have had problems with the starboard engine since we bought it 2 yrs ago. (1) We have had the base gasket replaced 2 yrs in a row. (2) when I go to get out of the hole the starboard side goes to 5000 rpm and I drop the...
  3. I

    Sea Challenger Questions

    Hey guys, I purchased a 1996 Sea-Doo Challenger with the single 787cc engine. My main purpose is to take this to my cabin on the Columbia river in WA state and just have something to screw around with. Were kinda off the grid up there so i'm doing a lot of stuff that is more preventative and...
  4. J

    98 xp ltd Blown exhaust hose help

    I went out on the lake yesterday and the ski ran great for the first 30 mins, until i noticed the top end was gone and started smoking from inside. Opened it up and had blown a hole in the front exhaust hose from the stinger to the straight pipe. I am trying to figure out why it did this so I...