1. Ruff Cut

    Heat wrap the exhaust ?

    I just installed the Riva Exhaust on my 2006 RXP 215hp w/SC. I'm doing a few things to keep the engine compartment as cool as possible. What do you think of using heat wrap around the exhaust tube after the water box ? Like this : 2" Titanium 5Ft Exhaust Header Fiberglass Heat Wrap Tape+6 Ties...
  2. mxrider9239

    1993 seadoo xp overheating?

    hey guys never really thought about it too much but today i was getting a little worried lol, i started my day by getting my ski ready started right up beautfully took it out and rode it for a solid 30mins. i shut it off for a little to take a break and about ten minutes later got on and tried...
  3. B

    2003 Sea Doo XP Di high temperature warning

    Hello, I have a 2003 Sea Doo XP Di jet ski. After a couple of minutes of riding it; it is giving me a high temp warning (with beeping), and I also smell a light burning smell behind my direct injection engine. I have only had the jet ski a short time, and the hours are low (28 hours to be...