hard starting

  1. AirSniper

    205 Opti Fuel Lift Pump part number?

    I cannot find this part number for the life of me, even called Merc Dealer. Need to know the part number of the fuel lift pump. Would also like to know the pressure I should see on direct read gauge while running (3-5 sec after ignition on switch) and residual pressure. It would be nice...
  2. Big_Port

    Hard Starting 250 Optimax

    2002 Challenger with the 250 Opti Over the weekend I took the boat out both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday the boat started with no problem after sitting in the garage for two weeks. Sunday morning I had trouble starting it at the ramp. Turn key, wait a few seconds and turned it over, fired...
  3. M

    Hole in Exhaust Tuned Pipe

    2001 Challenger with twin 717s. Last time on the water the left engine started losing power and wouldn't rev past 5000. On the trailer it has trouble starting. Once started it won't idle, only run with throttle part way up. After starting the hose, water starts squirting from the curved exhaust...
  4. M

    1997 Seadoo XP Correct Pop Off Pres. and Needle & Seat Info Needed for starting issue

    I have a 1997 Seadoo XP and it is hard to start in the water or out of the water. I have to give it almost full throtle then once it starts i have to back down the throttle slow to keep it going or it will die out. Once I do that It idles fine in the water. Also it seems that i get a lot of...
  5. johnhibbs

    Mercury 240EFI hard starting warm and gas mileage

    I had a hard time restarting my Challenger 2000 with a Mercury 240EFI engine when it was warm. After reading that other people had solved the problem by replacing the temp sensor on the engine (passenger side) I gave it a try and it fixed the problem. Short story: The insulation on the...