1. J

    new to the seadoo owning world

    my husband has been barting this past month I cant complain ive always wanted jet skis for as long as I can remember. so basically we ended up with 2 1995 bombarbier xp800 for a pool table we got for 150 at a garage sale one of the skis starts up n we were told by previous ownee the other needs...
  2. Brholwer

    Can i remove the yellow handle bar pad on a 1996 seadoo and leave it like that?

    i want to get rid of the nasty yellow pad and i dont know if it has a bar across that i could put a renthal bar cover over, i think it would look much cooler.
  3. X

    Renthal handle bar conversion

    How can I or what do I need to convert my 97 and 96 XP's to a dirtbike style renthal handlebar setup? I've seen this before on other dooz but never asked about it.
  4. L

    Handlebar pad and grab bar for 95 XP.

    Does anyone have a correct handlebar pad for a 95 xp? I don't care about looks, I want to buy a cover from hydro turf, but right now I don't have anything at all. Also,anyone might have a rear grab bar in decent shape? Mine has huge chunks out of it. Shipping will be to South Carolina...
  5. A

    Seadoo rubber handlbar cover

    Anyone have any suggestions on what to replace the rubber(ish) handlebar cover with on a Seadoo SPX. I don't much care about the color. Is anyone making anything aftermarket out of a different material?