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    SeaDoo Impeller

    I recently decided to try an aftermarket impeller on my 6 month old 2013 GTX-155. I'd read a lot about how the impeller should improve hookup, mid range etc. The only way to really know was to replace the impeller before the original one had deteriorated, to compare apples with apples. I finally...
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    BIG Fish on Light Tackle - on a Jetski

    Hi Guys and Girls, Check out this video with some awesome big fish action on light tackle, on the GTX 155. Subscribe to the channel, and Like us at for more!
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    Jetski Fishing Show - Kahawai on Soft Baits

    Hi Guys and Girls, This week we stick inshore and chase a huge school of Kahawai. Check out the above and below water action... Like us at
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    New Series of the Jetski Fishing Show Online now!

    Hi Everyone, The new series of the Jetski Fishing Show is now online, with the first episode now posted. We intend to post one every two weeks, same day, so we have been out filming (in full HD) to make sure we have a few in the bag. We also have a regular TV segment later in the year in...
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    Bounty Hunter Fishing Competition - Kingfish from the Sea-Doo!

    Hi Everyone, This weeks episode is only 3 minutes this week, as it is being entered into a video competition held during the Bounty Hunter Fishing Competition held out of Coromandel NZ last weekend. Check out the awesome underwater footage of Yellowtail Kingfish chasing livebaits, and share...
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    Smoked Kingfish Anyone?

    Check out this weeks episode of the Jetski Fishing Show where we show how to catch, prepare and then cold smoke some beautiful Yellowtail Kingfish. Like us at for more tips, tricks and episodes.
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    Techniques for fishing with Softbaits - Knots, baits etc

    Hi Guys and Girls, Check out this episode on fishing with Softbaits. It shows which knots to use, which jig heads etc. Like us at for more knots, tips, tricks etc and to be notified of our next episode!
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    One of the biggest Yellowtail Kingfish ever caught from a Jetski - on film!

    Hi everyone. This weeks episode of the Jetski Fishing Channel has one of the largest Yellowtail Kingfish ever caught on a Jetski! Check it out below (I cant seem to get it to embed so click on the Youtube link). Enjoy!
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    Jetski Fishing Channel - How to set up the Jetski for Fishing!

    Hi Guys and Girls and Happy new year. I run an online fishing show in New Zealand from a Seadoo GTX155, and recently did a show on how to set up your ski for fishing. I put a new show up every week, so be sure to check it out regularly! And here...