grey fuel line

  1. mallo1216

    1995 seadoo xp grey fuel lines???

    Ive been doing alot of research considering this is my first owned and maintained seadoo. I came across something about grey fuel lines and they should be replaced if you're a responsible seadoo owner? Is this a real thing??? oil lines too? whats it all about? and while on the topic of oil, this...
  2. Shane0524

    Do 787 carbs need to be cleaned after fuel line replacement?

    I'm about to change out some gray lines on a 1996 GTX 787 with 49 hours on it. This machine sat up from 2007 until December of 2014 and is in great condition. It had 41 hours on it when it was brought back out after nearly 8 years. The machine runs perfectly now but my question is, do I need to...
  3. doberdann1019

    1997 Seadoo XP Project

    I just bought my first jet ski (a 1997 Seadoo XP) and decided to start documenting all the work that I do on it in this forum. I'm sure no one here cares about the crap I do but its a nice way to keep track of everything. I got the ski in average condition for a 97. The most noticeable...
  4. S

    2000 Sea-Doo LRV 951 motor / Mikuni BN46i Carb rebuild

    Hi, I got a 2000 LRV that only had 25 hours on it, and had been stored inside for the last 10 years. It is beautiful, but when I went to use it late last summer I learned it had the grey fuel lines. So anyhow I have removed the carbs (wow, what a pain) and in disassembling the mag carb I...