grease impeller

  1. S

    97 XP, Couple of Quick Questions

    Going through some pre-season maintenance and had a couple of quick questions: 1. Greasing the "drive shaft" (rear of the ski under latch cover). I understand this is a zerk fitting. Could anyone point me to a cheap grease gun kit that would have the right size fitting I will need? Or just tell...
  2. tonydiato

    4-tec grease impeller? ALSO, RV/Boat antifreeze for storage.

    I have a 2007 seGTI, and a service manual. Does anyone know where to GREASE the impeller? Can someone take a pic? Is there a zerk fitting? Also, someone told me to pull a clamp off a small hose behind the engine, and port the pink antifreeze in this exhaust-looking-area. The service manual...