1. R

    RESTO Decals / Graphics for 93 XP & 95 HX Restoration

    I have just recently picked up a 93 XP and a 95 HX that I'm planning to restore (pictures below). I'm stripping all the decals to recondition the gel coat and will be needing decals to put back on them. I've searched all over for some decals, specifically "XP" and "HX" decals, but I'm having a...
  2. Musicmanjer

    1995 SPX decal or b/w bmp???

    Hey All, I'm trying to locate a SPX decal or better yet a digital graphic of the logo that is on the front cover of my '95 SPX. I have the vinyl to make a decal but just need an outline of the original since mine was missing (bought the doo used). Any help is appreciated!!! Jer
  3. T-Hooks180

    2011 sea doo challenger 180performance/ mod HELP!

    i just bought a new sea doo challenger 180. i currently have 4 hours on the boat. its been seeming really doggy the whole time i have had it and i was wondering if it had anything holding it back for the first 10 hours of break in. I was also wondering if there was any performance mods for...