gas smell

  1. T

    Storing 1998 Challenger 1800 in gargage - GAS SMELL

    So i recently purchased a 1998 Challenger 1800, with the intention of storing the boat in the garage. When storing the boat, there is a definite smell of gasoline. I am not worried about ignition, more the usability of the remainder of the garage (as it is meant to be my home gym). In was...
  2. Gordo

    2010 Speedster 150 gas smell

    I am a first time boat buyer and am seriously considering buying a 2010 Speedster with the 155 Hp engine and less than 100 hrs on the clock. I looked at it in the sellers driveway and everything looked good, except there were noticeable gas fumes when opening up the floor storage location. The...
  3. D

    1995 Seadoo Sportster - Gas Smell and Leak

    So I recently got a used 1995 Seadoo Sportster. The one engine one. Basically, after we bought it, we found that when we fill the gas tank up all the way, gasoline (between one and two gallons), leaks out into the engine compartment and pools up. Obviously this is a bad thing. The gas appears to...