full throttle bogging

  1. steamintator

    1996 Spx Shuts off at high Rpms, Stuck at low Rpms, But Runs fine at half throttle.

    I had my 96 Spx on the lake last weekend and it was running great for about 20 minutes, no trouble accelerating or maintaining speed at high rpms. I adjusted the trim a few times and it ran great for another 5 or so minutes and then the engine just died completely, no bogging, just off. It'd...
  2. M

    RESTO 1995 seadoo xp wont go over 7-10mph

    Hey guys i recently purchased a 95 seadoo xp. When i got it it was in pretty rough shape, but i did some work on it and a year later here i am. I took it out once and it ran great for about an hour until it filled with water and i had to be towed in to the dock. I went home and drained the...
  3. B

    2000 gs weird bogging issue

    Hi all, just bought a gs 2000, great shape, had it looked at by a certified bombardier dealer, spent $180 just to get the ok and make sure there were no problems. They took it for a 20 minute test drive could not find anything wrong with it. I took it to my lake today, and after around 20-25...