fouled plugs

  1. BTR

    I Need a Longer-Lasting Spark Plug - Which plug?

    2005 RXT 4-Tec Supercharged 215HP. I've always used the OEM spark plugs (NGK DCPR8E gapped to 0.03”). But, they "go bad" on a regular basis. They are not fouled nor burned, and don't have any signs of abnormality when looking at the tips...... one of them simply goes bad. This necessitates...
  2. T

    96 GSX 787 Rotax troubleshooting help

    I have a 1996 GSX with the 787 Rotax and am in need of some troubleshooting help. Bought it a year ago from a guy who barely rode it and as it sits now it's only got 50 hours on it. A few weeks ago I cleaned her up, put all new fuel in it, Ultra 93 non ethanol and took it out for a rip...
  3. R

    1997 GTX flooding and fouling plugs after semi overhaul and carb rebuild.

    Please help... SeaDoo first ski.... That I turned into project seadoo. I scored a rough running 97 gtx with 132 hours in great condition, trailer and seadoo cover for $500. Found this awesome forum, read up up on all the common issues with this ski and did some key thing...
  4. B

    Beached in Michigan

    Can anyone help? I have 2-94 seadoo xp's. One runs great but the other starts great on the trailer but when I put it in the water it will not start and fouls out the plugs, even if I replace the plugs it will still not start. Cranks fine and the plugs still continue to foul out. Even starts on...