1. SeadoozyBreeze

    Relocate Pisser

    Hello All, Bit of newbie here with a new old seadoo, 1997 GTX. I'm trying to set it up for some fishing with a crate on the back and I inevitably realized my pisser is going to spray directly against my cooler. Considered the inline valve, then read I may want to relocate so it will continue...
  2. MikeM8560

    cooler for drinks

    id like to get a soft cooler to hold sodas to carry in the front storage in my rxp when going to the beach this summer. has anyone found a good fitting case?
  3. L

    96 Challenger Driveshaft Through Hull Fitting insert?

    I managed to get my pump fully disassembled for overhaul this weekend. I am curious about the through-hull fitting. My fitting is only plastic and has an inside diameter quite a bit larger than the shaft. Is this normal? In the service manual, there is mention of a knurled aluminum insert...