first time boat owner

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    First Ski Tips

    Hey guys I just bought my first ski. Got a very clean 2014 GTI 130 with 100 hours. Any general tips maintenance wise as far as how often check and change things ? The guy had it maintained by a dealer but I plan to do it all myself. Can't wait to get out on the water! Thanks, Chris
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    New member from Spain, hi to everyone, and thanks for this great forum.

    I just arrive, this is my first post so this is for everyone here :cheers:, great job with the forum. I just bought a second hand 2006 Utopia 205 310hp, not yet in the water because I need to the a check and minor fixes before but unfortunatelly all near sea doo services are booked up to...
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    Should I buy a Sea Doo?

    I live on Long Island and am looking to get a first boat. I have been looking at different bow riders and I am considering a Sea Doo. I would be riding on the Long Island sound mostly. I have 2 small children and they are always a concern. I dont know much about the Sea Doo's and would love...