1. V

    Missing spark on cylinder 1 optimax 200hp 2004

    Hi I needs some help On vacation with the kids and cylinder 1 won't fire up Seadoo Utopia 185 2004 Mercury optimax 200hp dfi -Problem starting the engine Spark plug one is clean as new from gazoline It's not speaking. Spark plug 1 is good and tested All spark plugs good and tested Problem...
  2. XARiUS

    2000 GTX Millennium Edition 947 DI - Timing - HELP ME PLEASE!!

    :chillpill: So I have Sea Doo Problems... I own 3, 2 run awesome (717's) but I also have this 2000 ME DI GTX. But this GTX DI has been a royal PITA but I like it and want it to run again. So in 2014 she took on some water and I had to change the stator. Keep in mind that it ran just fine...
  3. Q

    Help with 1992 xp 587 - No fire

    Just rebuilt the top end of my '92 xp after it sat for 8 years. and I put everything back together. NO FIRE .... How do I check the magnito to see if there is spark coming from it? Mine has 4 wires, should they all be HOT ? Because Only 1 is hot right now.