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    Looking for a good new impeller for my 1996 XP

    Looking for a hole shot quick 0-40ish as fast as I can. I have a Fresh engine. Pulled my stock impeller and going to replace the wear ring. Don't care about top speed. Just fast then turn. 1996 XP. I would like lots of low end without over rev. Thank you for replies..
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    1996 GTX wont go over 35 MPH or over 5500 RPM

    Hello lookin for some help with my 96 GTX. It is kinda slugish on take off. Not to bad considering its almost a 10 foot boat, but it wont go over 35 MPH with one person on glassy water. RPMs wont go above 5500. I checked the impeller clearance and its at .020 at the widest point. It ran like...
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    Hi guys, I have a beautiful 1995 Seadoo SPX for sale. It runs great and looks amazing! MAKE ME AN OFFER. I am also looking to trade for a nice jet boat. Thanks! Here you can see all of the photos I took of this baby the other day...
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    How much should I get for my xpl if i sell it

    :confused: I have a 1999 xpl I would like to know wat it is worth. It is bored out to 1051 ,pro-x pistons, miller head, water injection,2deg wedge, solas impeller, R&D ride plate and intake grate, jetted carbs, after market air cleaners,sponsons , i removed the sound baffle. This jet ski leaves...
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    1997 GSX Limited NOT STARTING!?!?

    Hey everyone, So I have a 1997 GSX Limited that just got a lot of work done to it before the winter... Got pretty much a whole electrical rebuild... new stator, new everything pretty much in that damn black box. haha... Also got a new Starter. So I tried to fire up the GSX and it would turn...