engine trouble

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    New owner Old 95 Speedster

    I bought a 95 Speedster? that had been in storage for 3 years. The dealer says it needs one new engine guy I bought from says no way. Anyone know how if it is possible to know the original serial numbers for the boat?? Caught in the middle.
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    1996 Seadoo XP running rough....

    I am having a new problem with my 1996 Seadoo XP... I was out joy riding around yesterday morning in about 2 1/2 foot waves, when i noticed a funny noise coming from my jet drive. It kind of sounded like a chainsaw chopping through wood. It would only do it when i got a little air, and the...
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    2001 Challenger 2000 with 240 EFI

    Hello All, new to this hope you guys can help me out. I have a 2001 challenger 2000 with the 240 EFI engine (model #S240J30YS) I have been having problems with it the last 2 years. The butterfly valves in the throttle body got corroded and one stuck in the open position causeing flames to back...
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    1998 sporter 1800

    1998 sportser 1800 Hello I recently purchased a 98 sporter 1800 I replaced both starters on the twin engines. I was running full throttle when I noticed the starboard engine rpm up around 7000 while the port was running around 5800. please advise any suggestions. thanks Ed