engine swap compatibility

  1. Z

    Hull compatibility for engine swap

    Hi folks! I have a 2006 gti 4 tec with a bad hull. I’m looking for a new hull to swap the engine. On the marketplace I have found a 2005 gti se, and a 2008 gti se. Would any of these hulls work for me? And is there anything I should know about transferring the engine? It’s going to be my first...
  2. realrippnn

    1994 SP 587/XP 717 Engine Swap, is it possible?

    Good afternoon fellow rippers! New to this forum... I have a 587 SP that lost compression. I have an XP 717 ski lined up to buy to do an engine swap, just trying to get as much info as I can on what I need to do it/ if it's even possible. The computer is bad on the 717 so hopefully thats not an...
  3. T

    95 sportster engine swap

    Just bought a 95 sportster, single 657(don't know the exact size but that sounds close enough) for $100. I have a good 787 in a 97gtx in my shop. Does anyone know if the 787 will fit in the sportster? The gtx hull is destroyed before anyone asks, and I will find out if the 657 is good in the...
  4. T

    587 engine cross breeding - 88/89 in a 94

    I had to utilize an earlier model engine in my 94 GTS. The switch over was a little tricky since I'd never worked on watercraft before. I had to use some from the new and some from the old to make everything work peacefully. Somewhere along the process, I lost the rubber bumper plugs from the...