1. Hankst3r

    DESS Lanyard Help Needed!

    So i have a 717 system. and i recently bought the kill switches for the sp 587. and i don't have the lanyard for the dess kill switch. is there a generic one i can just buy online? or am i going to have to spend a crazy amount of money on a special one and match it to my ski? is there any way to...
  2. CreekerMike

    1995 Seadoo XP part out

    Ill start off by saying im not sure if im posting in the right section...But I have a 1995 Seadoo XP that im parting out. I obtained the ski with no title and i have too many projects going on so i really just want it gone. It's powered by the 720. If you need any parts feel free to comment or...
  3. FunInSun

    1995 Sea Doo SPX - Starter Starts When Connecting Battery

    I purchased this PWC earlier this summer. Over the course of a month the new battery appeared to get weaker, so I charged it. When I try to connect the battery cables, the starter kicks in and tries to start the engine. Even thought I am not touching the start/stop button on the handle bar...
  4. K

    Sea Doo 1997 XP starting problem

    Im a new member. Love the site so far. I have a fantastic 1997 Sea Doo XP that is currently starting and running fine. My problem is that sometimes when I'm out riding and park it floating in the water for a half an hour for a beer or something and it wont start. It happened two...
  5. S

    Fuel gauge problem. Help!!

    Ok so I just bought a 98 GSX limited and the fuel gauge doesn't work. The shop that summerized it for me said the electrical module box that's up in front of the ski is bad and it's not sending a signal to the digital gauge up top. Is this true or is it the digital gauge I need to replace...