1. boettli

    2004 gtx 4-tec non-supercharged depth sounder

    Hey so I just bought my first Sea-Doo, in fact my first powered boat of any type, and was trying to figure out the easiest way to get a working depth finder setup. I am wondering if it's possible to buy a used depth sounder for a 2004 supercharged 4-tec and install it on my 2004 GTX 155...
  2. kilgorekb

    Compression tester 14mm and ?? reach

    Instructions say to screw in to the same depth as plug, which is 19mm (3/4''). However, the only compression tester kits I see only specify 14mm thread. Am I to assume these will reach at least 19mm depth or should I get an adapter which specs list 19mm reach? I'm looking at this one since...
  3. F

    Seadoo Speedster 150 depth sounder Q??

    Does anyone have any experience with depth sounders. Bought a new Seadoo speedster but I'm too cheap to pay the $400 for the sea doo gauge cluster model. I was thinking about buying a Hawkeye transom mount. Anybody have an opinion on this??? Help?