1. B

    1998 seadoo gtx rfi converted to carb.

    Purchased this beautiful 1998 gtx rfi back in April. Seller started it right up for me. Me only owning 1 xp prior didn't really know what I was supposed to be looking for. I got it home and started fixing the small oil leak coming for the oil pump. Then I realized things just don't look right in...
  2. H

    787 ugly under head surprise 98 speedster

    In my 1998 speedster the boat engine was not starting right, randomly shutting off, didn’t run right, stall at low rpm, had a vibration/rattling noise coming from back ,etc. I decided to do a full tuneup to see whats up (carbs, new filters, oil, head gaskets, peek inside to check pistons, plugs...
  3. XARiUS

    Need Cylinder Sleeve (2000 GTX DI 951) for 88.25 Oversized Pistons

    I have a 2000 GTX DI I just got done replacing the crankshaft in, only to find a crack in the bottom of the piston sleeve. I don't think it will affect compression, as it sits below the rings but I don't want a piece to break off and ruin the crank I just put in. Does anyone have a sleeve or...
  4. M

    Dead Optimax Mercury 200, Need Advice

    I have a 2001 Sea Doo Utopia 185 with a 200hp Optimax Mercury Engine. I have owned the boat for the past 14 years and a week ago it died. It was a trip I look forward to every year and we just put her in the water. We got up on plane about 40mph and less than a 1/4 mile the engine shut down. I...
  5. P

    Compression Test Numbers - RXP 155

    Hi Guys. I'm new to this forum as I just bought my first ski the other day. Does anybody know what the Compression Test readings should be for a 2008 RXP 155, or equivalent engine? My test from the shop reads: 1. 190 2. 180 3. 185 I've done a search and everybody recommends getting a test...
  6. K

    Replaced Cylinder, overheating

    I recently got a 1993 GTX to add to my fleet, had a thrown rod, damaged the crankcase and one of the Cylinder jugs. I picked up a used cylinder off of a '92 587 XP, the casting # was the same as the '93 GTX and when I looked online, part # was identical on the two units. I had the...