1. RogerS

    130 PSI on both cylinder

    Is that good or bad for a 97 challenger 787 engine?
  2. V

    Missing spark on cylinder 1 optimax 200hp 2004

    Hi I needs some help On vacation with the kids and cylinder 1 won't fire up Seadoo Utopia 185 2004 Mercury optimax 200hp dfi -Problem starting the engine Spark plug one is clean as new from gazoline It's not speaking. Spark plug 1 is good and tested All spark plugs good and tested Problem...
  3. S

    1994 SeaDoo SPI Help!?

    I've recently bought a 1994 SPI and before I got it guy ran it For me, etc. When I brought it home I decided to run it again, just to hear it and put it to rest for the rest of winter. As I started the machine it turned over amazing, and when it started it sounded good (for the first five...
  4. T

    4Tec Do you think my piston and cylinder still in good shape ?

    4Tec Do you think my piston and cylinder still in good shape ?
  5. 9

    97 GTS Problems

    I have a SeaDoo 97 GTS with a 717 engine that has been converted to premix and I have had to take the cylinders off cause of a couple of bolts breaking from the exhaust manifold. Before removing the cylinders my compression was 145 front and 148 back, now since reinstalling the cylinders the...
  6. L

    Idling on one cylinder. Bad stator?

    Simple question.... Is it possible for a bad stator to cause a loss in spark to one cylinder? I have an intermittent low idle issue (mostly coming down from high RPMs) and determined today that the cause is the ignition is not sparking on the MAG cylinder's compression stroke, but ok on...