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    1997 Speedster smoking and cavitation, replacing seats

    Just got the boat out from storage after two years and replaced battery and plugs. Port engine was smoking badly when I started it. Opened the hatch and noticed that a head bolt was completely missing and water was pouring out because I still had the flush hose attached and running. I'm...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hey, my name is Toni, I live near lake Guntersville Al and am ready to hit the water. I recently bought a 1995 seadoo sportster from Craig's list, and found out the "running",does not mean " moving forward" and great condition sometimes don't include seats! But I had paid the man, now here I...
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    ISO 1998 Speedster Seat Back Cushion in Red

    It finally happened to me. I lost a seat back cushion in my 1998 speedster while cruising yesterday. I'm seeking a red replacement. Let me know if you have a spare.