1. G

    2009 RXT IS - supercharger and taking on water

    Hi; Am looking for some advice on a couple issues. Bought an 09 rxt is about 5 weeks ago with 49 hours. Now has 57 hours. I wish I had read this forum before buying the machine but it was the best deal around. It ran fine until last weekend. Top speed is about 35 and you can feel the...
  2. Molotok

    What is it Worth - Price Check Thread

    Hi! I have been searching to see if this forum had an official Price Check thread, to keep the spamming of these types of threads down, and didnt find one. I know im new, but, if the mods could please Sticky this thread, and direct all people asking "Whats it worth?" "Price check on XXX?" "How...
  3. IDoSeaDoo

    what's it worth?

    I'm looking at a deal: 96 seadoo xp with the lame pink lower hull, neglected under the sun, cracked seat in need of reupholstry (guy has the seadoo leather for it). Handle bar vinyl completely gone, styrafoam underneath is starting to rot away too... Engine threw a rave valve, will need at least...