1. rgardner928

    Thumb to Finger Conversation

    I like OEM...but the thumb needs to go on my wifes ski. I really not liking the look of the "bike" style throttle control on the market. Id like to somehow slide the thumb one around so it will be a finger one. But it will bot match up to the handle bar boot then. Has anyone seen or found a way...
  2. F

    How to turn off “low oil” warning?

    I finished getting my ski back together and now that I have it running where I want it I can start to worry about small things, so does anyone know how to turn off the low oil light on a 97 gsx? Ive done a premix conversion and have enough oil in the tank for the rotary valve but the warning...
  3. P.W.R 96 xp 800

    1995 seadoo spi with 951 seadoo engine

    Check out this project. I can see why seadoo never put a 951 in this kind of body style out into the market because it is such a tight fit barley enough room for the beast. I had to leave the pipe inside the hull then drop the block in otherwise it wouldn't fit. The electronics and motor are...
  4. iggys6

    03 GTX 4tec 3 seater all converted into rxp hull

    I am thinking about converting a 03 gtx 4tec 3 seater everything inside it to a 04 rxp hull, I know I will need a different driveshaft and maybe gauges and vts, but I am just wondering what else I might need and if it is even worth it. Any input helps, thanks
  5. purple_people_eater

    1999 seadoo gsx limited

    hey all i need some advice. i found a 1999 gsx limited that has supposedly been converted to fuel injected rx-di motor from a 2000 gsx-l. it is being sold as-is none running without trailer for 1000. so my questions are: has anyone eveyone ever done/heard of this conversion and how did it go...