1. E

    Water getting inside cone

    So water got into my cone on my jet pump. No problem, replaced it (new jet pump & cone). Water gets in AGAIN! It sounds like waters getting in somewhere else and not through the cone. Is there to much play in the impeller shaft for the impeller? What am I doing wrong? Am I not getting the...
  2. nwittema

    Changing jet pump oil - can I use ANY loctite??

    I'm changing the oil in the pump I just put in my ski. Can I use any type of loctite on the plug in the nose cone or do I need a specific kind? Also, I removed and polished/painted my intake grate, and I noticed there was some sort of sealant applied before. Does anyone know what this...
  3. L

    96 Challenger Pump Cone Help

    Please see my other post regarding my test run results. Long story short, I am getting an intermittant loud/rattle vibration noise in and out of the water while at idle. I removed the pump and changed all the bearings yesterday and the problem is still there. While I had it apart, I...