1. benjilafouine

    I know we discussed already but...

    I know we discussed already but... my original seat covers on my ski are really worn out (especially the back seat that will start taking on water this year I figure). I am hesitating between buying a new seat online or having a local guy do it for me. Since no one around here was able to find...
  2. Gamerse

    What is your dream boat color

    Vote for what color you would prefer to have on your current, future or past Seadoo boat. :cheers: Ernest
  3. L

    2000 Merc 240EFI TPS Adjustment

    Does anyone know what color leads I need to test between for the TPS adjustment? They are orange, blue and brown. I need to check my adjustment. Thanks Jason
  4. R

    Color Sanding Hull

    I recently purchased a 06 Seadoo Sportster 4-tec SCIC that has some some scratches along the bottom of the black gelcoat. It looks like the prior owner sanded it with 80 grit sandpaper. I was wondering if anyone knows the proper method to color sand and buff the black gelcoat so I can get it...