1. L

    2007 230 Challenger SE Gelcoat Color

    I am looking to repair a few marks in the navy blue gelcoat on my new to me 2007 230 Challenger SE. Does anyone happen to have any information on the navy blue color used on this hull? I have contacted Spectrum, Gelcote International, and BRP to obtain color codes, names etc and no one seems...
  2. Samartin1224

    HELP!! Seadoo GTI 155 (2007)

    My problem: I let my brother-in-law drive my 2007 GTI 155 SE. (88 hours on it) He thought it’d be cool to pull up on the reverse handle like an E brake in a car at top speed. Everything broke. I replaced the reverse cable and the lever started working again. Since then, the ski will top out at...
  3. Johnless

    Hello to all.. WANTED used code reader for my seadoo

    I'm looking for a code reader for my 05 Sea-Doo the reason I'm looking for used one because I really can't afford the new one and dealer prices are insane.. Does anybody know anybody that has a used one for sale?? please get back to me thank you
  4. JuanchoPWC

    Maintenance light reduce power..??

    Hey guys... As the tittle says... Is this possible..?? Im asking because my light is on and i feel my seadoo is not responding in Low RPMs... My Seadoo GTX gets power when i hit the throttle up to 6,500-7,000 RPMs... Btw, i will take my Seadoo to SnowCity to get the light clear up this week...
  5. I

    What year is this motor?

    If you read my other post about brass filings, you are familiar with a few of my other posts. Is there any way to tell what year engine you have by the model number? There is also a bar code on my stator cover.My model number is 4773402 and I think it's a 96 sp or spx.