1. 123457

    96 Seadoo challenger clicks with no start

    Hi there !!! We recently purchased a used 1996 seadoo challenger according to the last owner he has had no problems with it. we are coming into in 2 weeks of owning it and are getting a clicking when trying to start. We took it out on the lake 2 times and both times we had to be pulled in: 1st...
  2. R

    96 GTX Clicks on start - not solenoid

    So I've got a 96 GTX which I just had the top end done over the winter and it was running great all last week. I took it out a couple days ago and was heading out of the docks when I accidently pulled the key while idling and when I put it back in all I got was the click from the solenoid. So I...
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    '96 XP won't start. HELP please!

    hi! I just got my first ski a few weeks ago so yay! I joined because i have a problem with my xp. If yuo want to check that post out its under 2 stroke problems. Im a complete newb to all this!