charging system

  1. D

    1997 GTX Intermittent no start voltage from battery drops when revved

    Had the first real problem with our GTX since we bought it new at the dealership. It is a 1997 GTX Last fall it died on the lake with a few friends. I put the key on and nothing, no chirp or gaugesm repeted over 20 times. It finally came back and ran so we could get it on the trailer, it was...
  2. elementsk8r3

    97 XP Fuse Location Help

    Hi everyone, I have a 97 XP and am looking for the 15 amp fuses that protect the charging system to check for a blown one. I have read that there are 2 of them but I have only been able to locate the one in the MPEM. If anyone could help me find the second one, it would be greatly appreciated.