1. D

    fuel/carb problem - stuck and need help!

    My problem - I have a seadoo- Gtx Ltd that i recently took apart for the 4th or 5th time ( engine out- not inside engine). Cleaned everything and replaced the fuel lines. Once i reassembled it i found that the carb on the right was dumping fuel into the right cylinder. Took the spark plugs out...
  2. sethsmind

    1996 GTX - Idle jumps 1K to 2K rpm .... let go of throttle and dies?

    An easy test to see if it's the rectifier is disconnect the red wire and see if the problem clears. The rectifier is located in the front E-box next to the MPEM.
  3. B

    1996 GTI - What screw do I need, it fell out?

    Had a great weekend with my two 96' GTI's. However, one of them started bogging and surgeing towards the end of the weekend. At first I thought it was the old Grey fuel line issues, which I have already ordered hose and clamps and had that on my list of things to do, but I figured I'd be good...
  4. C

    1996 seadoo GSX- Carbourator problems

    When i give my jet ski about half throttle every now and then it will loose rpms and slow down but then speed back up. Thank you to anyone who responds it will be a big help.