carbone seal

  1. Kwik_uk

    1999 GTI carbon ring... mine appears to be brass. Is this normal? Pics attached.

    Hi all, I'm in the process of full resto on my newly purchased 1999 GTI (720, single carb). The motor is off getting new crank seals and a rebore (was running 125 psi, 134 psi), so whilst the motor is out, I thought I might as well change the carbon seal. It's not leaking or pulling air...
  2. A

    Water in Hull - 96 GTi

    Hey guys, Thanks for all your help with my water in the hull issue. I checked the carbone ring and the boot. It needs to be replaced but it's really not that bad. Anyway, I got off work early yesterday and took it out to really pin down the issue. I noticed that the bilge pumps were not...