1. Kwik_uk

    1999 GTI carbon ring... mine appears to be brass. Is this normal? Pics attached.

    Hi all, I'm in the process of full resto on my newly purchased 1999 GTI (720, single carb). The motor is off getting new crank seals and a rebore (was running 125 psi, 134 psi), so whilst the motor is out, I thought I might as well change the carbon seal. It's not leaking or pulling air...
  2. J

    Carbon seal replace ment, No propulsion, Water in hull

    This past weekend I replaced my wear ring because the old one was badly damaged (as seen below!)and I was getting pretty bad cavitation. I had no problem getting the old one off and putting the new one on. I did not remove the impeller. I took my jet ski (1998 gti) out for a test run this...
  3. 9

    Cleraning Pistons

    I recently got some advice from a local mechanic and I just wanted to pass it along to ya'll and see if it was good/sound advice before I attempt it on my own ski... First off I have a Seadoo 97 GTS with a 717 engine... and I have noticed as of recently that the engine is not preforming as...
  4. C

    "New to me" '05 GTX Limited taking on water. Any ideas where to start?

    First time posting on here. Hope I'm not asking a repeat (stupid) question but I didn't see anyone had asked yet. I just picked up a '05 GTX last week and took it out for a couple gentle runs this weekend (still apprehensive after my first jet ski experience with an HX a few years back) and...